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Office of Student Conduct

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The Office of Student Conduct facilitates the student accountability process, serves as an investigator for student Title IX issues, provides prevention, education, and awareness programs, and maintains compliance for federal and state mandates.

Students’ opportunities for success are enhanced when they live in a community that establishes high expectations for its members.

All students are expected to:

  • Be honest in all situations, academic and nonacademic, and to respect the rights and the property of others
  • Live in a manner that brings credit to themselves and to the College
  • Take advantage of every opportunity to expand one’s mind and to contribute positively to the College’s academic environment
  • Follow all College policies as outlined in this College Student Code of Conduct, the Academic Catalog, and other College publications (“College Policies”)

Upon enrollment, students agree to follow all College Policies. A student’s period of enrollment begins at the time of admission to the College and ends upon graduation from the College. Students are responsible for knowing College Policies and updates.

The College expects its students to conduct themselves as responsible citizens and to comply with all College Policies. Conduct that is unbecoming to a College student; that adversely affects the College community, mission, or reputation; or that violates College Policies may subject a student to Student Accountability Proceedings by the College, regardless of whether or not such conduct occurs on College premises.


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Community Living Policies

Services Offered

  • Educational offerings including, but not limited to, alcohol, drugs, community responsibility and hazing prevention
  • Presentations for Student Organizations (for example risk management training for Fraternities and Sororities) and classes
  • Conflict resolution between students
  • Opportunities for students to serve on the Student Accountability Board
  • Awareness programs to reduce sexual discrimination on campus, including sexual assault, domestic violence, dating violence, and stalking


The Office of Student Conduct strives to engage our students to become civic minded citizens who positively contribute to society. We will deliver high quality educational offerings, be a model system for student conduct administration, and ensure compliance with a focus on student development.

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 Find us in the Rogers Building (R)

Rick Gebauer Rick Gebauer

Director of Student Conduct

Carlisle Rogers Building


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