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Roux Library Interlibrary Loan

Interlibrary loan services allow currently enrolled students, faculty, and staff to borrow materials from other libraries not available at Roux Library. The library reserves the right to pass along any service charges or borrowing fees assessed by other libraries. Interlibrary loan is not available to alumni, as most public libraries also provide interlibrary loan service.

How do I submit requests?

Requests for interlibrary loans are placed with the Resource Sharing Librarian. Requests may only be placed online. A separate request must be placed for each item. Please make sure the item is not already available at Roux Library by checking the catalog. A request form can be found within most databases and on the main library page.

Please contact the Resource Sharing Librarian if you need assistance filling out the interlibrary loan request form.

How long will I wait for materials I have requested?

When obtaining materials from other institutions, the wait can sometimes be up to 3-4 weeks, especially for books from out of state. Articles usually take 24 hours to a few days. Your request is generally processed within 24 hours of receipt. It can take time for the lending libraries to process the requests. If the item requested is new, in strong demand, or rare, your request may be passed on to several libraries which can lenghten your wait time.

If after you submit your request, you would like an update on your request's status, please email

How am I notified when my material arrives?

After your request arrives and is processed, you will receive an email or text letting you know it is available.

Are there restrictions on what I can borrow?

Yes, there are restrictions on what you can borrow. Most of these restrictions are set by the library that we ask to borrow the item from. For example, many libraries to not allow DVDs, newly purchased items, or eBooks to be shared via interlibrary loan. Items located in a library’s special collections department are also usually not lent out, although some libraries will scan portions of their special collection items for interlibrary loan requests if the item in question is in a good enough condition to do so. 

In general, we do not borrow the following:

  • Textbooks
  • Non-circulating materials, such as reference books, rare books, etc.
  • Items that will be placed on reserve
  • Periodicals (i.e. entire issues)
  • Genealogical materials
  • Computer software
  • Non-circulating theses and dissertations

If you need access to an item that falls into one of the above categories, please contact the Resource Sharing Librarian who will work with you to discover any possible alternative means of access.

Is there a cost for the service?

In general, no. Many libraries loan items through interlibrary loan for free. Those that charge usually charge a small enough fee that Roux Library is able to cover the cost for you. However, in cases where the potential cost is above the norm, the library reserves the right to pass along any service charges or borrowing fees assessed by other libraries. If this is the case, the Resource Sharing librarian will contact you. Fees may be paid at the library by check to "Florida Southern College" or will be billed to a student's account.

If you lose or damage an item that you have borrowed via interlibrary loan, the library that lent us the item has the right to charge Roux Library for it. These fees can be very expensive and often are upwards of one hundred dollars. Roux library reserves the right to pass this fee on to you for payment. For this reason, it is very important that you take good care of any item you receive via interlibrary loan.

Is there a restriction on the number of requests I can submit?

No, but we may limit processing individuals’ requests to 10 per day.

Can I do anything to expedite the process?

You can assist in several important areas:

  • Do not use abbreviations unless the source of the citation uses them.
  • Obtain complete citations from standard bibliographic sources (i.e. indexes, bibliographies, library catalogs, etc.) and make a note of the source in your request.
  • Check the library catalog first — the number one reason for unnecessary delay is that Roux Library owns or has access to the material.

I sent in an ILL request but I no longer need the book/article/item. What do I do?

Please email the Resource Sharing librarian at and so that your request can be cancelled.

How do I obtain my ILL materials and where do I return them?

Electronic articles will be sent to the email account you have provided.

Incoming loans are held at the library’s circulation desk under your name. Every lending library has the right to restrict the use of materials to in library use only. If a library lends us an item but restricts it use to in library use only, you will not be able to take the book outside of Roux Library. The Resource Sharing Librarian will notify you if this is the case.

Materials borrowed must be returned to the Roux Library circulation desk. Please do not remove the band/label from the item you have borrowed.

How long can I keep my interlibrary loan?

Loan Periods
Loan periods vary and are assigned by the lending institution. Roux Library does not have any control over the due date set by the lending library. Some items you request through interlibrary loan might be due in a month while another might be due in three months-- it all depends on which library we borrowed your ILL from.

It is your responsibility to be aware of your material’s due dates. The due date will be listed when you pick up your ILL. If you misplace the paperwork that came with your ILL, you can contact the Resource Sharing Librarian and they will look up your due date for you.

Like due dates, renewals for ILL material are set by the lending library. Many libraries allow renewals but some do not. Some may allow renewals for certain types of items but not for others. If you would like to request a renewal for your ILL item, contact the Resource Sharing Librarian who will email you once the lending library either approves or denies your renewal request. If you are granted a renewal, the length of your renewal period is set by the lending library.

If a library has already granted you one renewal many times they will not grant you another but we can always ask. If you have an extenuating circumstance, such as illness or being out of town, that will cause you to be late returning your interlibrary loan, let the Resource Sharing Librarian know so the lending library can be contacted and told there might be a delay in their item being returned to them. Most libraries are understanding in these cases and will hold off-- to a point-- on sending us an invoice for an unreturned item in cases such as this. Please be aware however there is no guarantee this will be the case.

Materials are subject to recall by the lender at any time. A recall means that the lending library wants the item returned before its specified due date for use by one of their patrons. When we borrow an item from a library, we agree to return the item immediately if it is recalled. If the item you have borrowed on ILL is recalled, you will be notified. Please return recalled material promptly. If you still need the item, the Resource Sharing Librarian will send out another ILL request for you to other libraries asking to borrow their copy of the item.

When we loan items to other libraries for use by their patrons, we will also issue a recall if you or another FSC patron needs to use it while it is still out on ILL. As we expect the borrowing library to return our material promptly if we recall it, it is only fair that we also return their recalled ILL material quickly.

What if I return my interlibrary loan late? What happens if I lose my interlibrary loan?

Overdue and Lost Material
Thirty (30) days after an ILL is overdue, the lending library will usually bill us for the item’s replacement. This cost will be passed on to you for payment by the ILL office. The replacement cost will vary depending on the lending library’s policy and the value of the item but in most cases, it will be quite high— this is why it is so important to keep track of your interlibrary loans.

Once a library has billed us for your interlibrary loan, you will not be able to return the ILL in lieu of paying the fee. We will also not ship a replacement copy bought by you to replace a lost interlibrary loan to the owning library instead of paying the billed replacement cost. All charges are final. Please return your interlibrary loan on time or ask the Resource Sharing Librarian to request a renewal before your due date in order to avoid charges. Please do not return your interlibrary loan if you find it at a later date; since you are paying for the interlibrary loan, the item is now yours to keep.

Libraries who loan their items to us through interlibrary loan are under no obligation to do so. If a library feels that enough Roux Library patrons are not taking sufficient care with their items, are routinely late to return their ILLs, or are too frequently losing ILL material, they have the right to refuse to loan their items to us. If necessary, the Resource Sharing Librarian may revoke a patron’s interlibrary loan privileges until overdue or recalled material is returned or until lost item ILL fines are paid. This will ensure that Roux Library maintains a good relationship with its lenders and that the wider community of FSC students, staff, and faculty are able to continue borrowing items from other libraries.


Please contact Hillary Arieux, the Resource Sharing Librarian, in the Interlibrary Loan office; text, 863-797-4072; phone, 863-616-6453 or e-mail,